Do you have an HCM/HRMS Roadmap?

Dwight D. Eisenhower said,  “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.

I meet with clients of all sizes and they all have one thing in common: most have no formal plan to meet the gaps in their current HR delivery, including HRMS technology.  That isn’t to say they aren’t aware of the issues that need addressing to meet the business objectives.

A well-documented HR strategy that meets the broader business needs will focus on the most important issues facing the organization.  Historically, many employers have built a “best-of-breed” approach to their environment, often at the expense of integrating processes such as performance management and compensation.

A solid road-map will analyze the business strategy and how to align human capital to company growth and objectives.  Do you have the right foundation system to feed the strategic platforms for talent management?  Does your system incorporate mobile, social and predictive analytics?  Do you know your high performers and if they are engaged?  Are the competencies aligned with your enterprise contributors and recruiting strategy?  Is your on-premise or home-grown system so customized you cannot upgrade?

Answering many of these questions as well as evaluating and prioritizing each HR function will create a 3-5 year game plan.  Think less about which platform is more true SaaS or the hottest trend and focus on the business objectives.  Then, you can develop your ROI and hopefully move your initiative forward!





Moving to the Cloud for HRMS? Use this Opportunity to Engage Employees


HRIT is looking at moving their on-premise software to a cloud solution to support the HR, managers and employee populations.  Why not use this opportunity to leverage new capabilities that are inherent in cloud HRMS products to improve employee engagement?

Complex work environments need to utilize tools that align corporate goals while creating a framework that supports efficient communication, such as internal social networking, talent review and the metrics to measure these outcomes.

Historically, performance management systems evaluated individual contribution for very specific tasks and competencies and did not achieve a direct correlation between business performance and performance rating.  Instead, new, tier-one cloud-based platforms utilize social collaboration tools that reward enterprise contributors through 360 degree feedback.  In addition, social networking tools that track “kudos” for employees provide a foundation that tracks when individuals deliver and contribute to initiatives that meet corporate goals and objectives.  Migrating to a cloud-based platform offers the ability to identify specific types of skills and competencies that drive business results, as well as reward systems that are in correlation with the company’s bottom line and business strategy.

As millennial workers continue to enter the workforce, they require the tools they use personally to network and communicate with teams and projects within organizations.  These social tools can leverage knowledge and provide employees with a platform to communicate with other departments and teams on various efforts that are needed to meet the business objectives.   Why not create a social networking strategy as your company migrates to the cloud?

Tracking and measuring enterprise contributors requires input from various levels, groups and departments.  A solid measurement and analytic system is needed to reward and review these contributors.  Sophisticated gathering, analyzing and modeling tools are needed to give human resource and line managers necessary information in order to ensure that talent is rewarded, developed and engaged.  A tier-one cloud solution will include analytics to measure this talent!

These new HRMS platforms will require a specific roadmap that ensures the right approach to migrate to a new platform that will leverage human capital they way CEOs are demanding.  Use this opportunity to make a transformational debut for your Cloud HRMS platform and you will have very happy, engaged and aligned employees!